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Generative AI in Banking: Use Cases and Opportunities

Top 7 Use Cases of AI For Banks

AI-powered chatbots, interfaces, and virtual assistants could reduce the workload of customer service for fintech companies. Artificial intelligence could help in managing common user concerns and addressing the general questions of users. The discussions about the future of AI in fintech with such use cases prove how artificial intelligence could reduce workload. AI could help in the automation of repetitive tasks, thereby freeing up the time and resources for focusing on high-level objectives. Artificial intelligence could also emerge as a powerful tool for supporting customer service management tasks.

Top 7 Use Cases of AI For Banks

A fantastic customer experience is not just about customer support via a chatbot. Keboola helped identify $25.000 of fraudulent activity in the first fraud detection iteration. Olfin Cars, a leading seller of new and used cars in the Czech Republic, used Keboola and Marketing BI to collect historical data on purchases, competition, and online behavior and fed that data into ML algorithms. The AI algorithms predicted the marketing messages that were more likely to convert prospects into customers on their website. DataOps error messages are often hard to read, non-intuitive, and leave you scratching your beard to figure out what you should do to resolve them.

The Functionality of AI in Identifying Online Misconduct

The banking industry is continuously monitoring and managing risks through risk management practices, internal controls, and compliance measures. However, the nature and severity of these risks evolve over time, demanding banks to stay vigilant and mitigate potential threats with new-gen technologies. We offer top-notch AI development services to banking and financial businesses big and small. Matellio have years of experience providing cost-effective and scalable services to banks around the globe. We house a team of seasoned experts who can help you take your AI-based custom banking solution to new heights.

  • Banking and finance institutions record millions of transactions every single day.
  • A professional report by Business Insider suggests that the banking and finance industry is rapidly embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, with nearly 80% of banks aware of its potential benefits.
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  • Instead of focusing on specific products, banks should reimagine how AI can be roped in to add more value to customers.

Procedural Generation, also known as procedural storytelling, is another prominent aspect of the gaming industry. It refers to computer algorithms automatically creating content based on pre-written instructions. Once confined to science fiction and academic papers in the 1950s, AI has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Today, it’s not just an intriguing subject for tech enthusiasts—it’s essentially found its way into many aspects of our daily lives. From voice commands that turn on your lights to immersive gaming experiences brought to the comforts of your couch, the sheer scope is massive. A potent mix of unprecedented data access, impressive computing power, and algorithms so innovative, they might as well be wizardry.

Bank of NY Mellon Corp

With 24/7 availability, they can serve customers around the clock, which is especially beneficial for those needing assistance outside regular business hours. This is where AI-based innovative solutions can help by streamlining data collection and analysis. This improves the overall user experience, and the data can also be used to detect fraud and make credit decisions.

Top 7 Use Cases of AI For Banks

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